16/9 is a clandestine book on the complicity of the viewer: on seeing the others and on showing themselves. Initially, we feel like observers of something ambiguous, then we realize that we are all voyeurs, viewers or seen. We are waiting to see something, waiting for being visually stimulated to the pleasure.

16/9 is the new sex position in the Internet era, refracted and specular, without contact, in which the surface of the screen – 16/9 – is maintained by the photographic proportion of the still. It’s a visual section, with the proportions of the golden ration, in which the desire turns into the algorithm, in code, in number, passing by a cathode ray tube. 16/9 is also the place where technology defines pornography and at the same time, pornography defines technology and digital communication.

titolo. 16/9
Curated by Francesca Seravalle